Exhibition展覽:Few weeks in a relation flow, It's ok! It's ok!幾星期關係中的流動。

開幕opening: 2016/07/08 18:00-21:00

藝術家:Anang Saptoto Alexis Mailles


Anang Saptoto, 台北, 七月2016


Anang Saptoto, 台北, 六月2016

『關於Anang Saptoto

Anang Saptoto從三年前開始一直在試驗稱為“變形成像”,或被稱為“透視投影”的圖像呈現法。並且對於處理過去的影像特別敏銳,尤其是歷史中能讓人們產生共鳴的圖像。
他活躍於日惹藝術組織MES56活動,也常工作於日惹 Greenmapper環境組織等不同非營利組織,創作作品如錄像、攝影、設計指導等等作品近年來開始一些藝術計畫,如 Bukuku Buku Tulisku(關於書的製作的計畫), POOP Together We Found(每個T恤不同主題計畫),以及日惹紀錄片Video Report Jogja.
2009年成立MINIMI Studio,負責主要視覺製作。 印刷材料、3D建模、和錄像。

關於Alexis Mailles


主辦單位:instant42OCACMES 56
展覽開放時間:7/8-10 pm2:00-9:00
7/11-12 Pm 6:00-9:00

In the beginning...
My friend said to me;
People in Taiwan use a lot of wood from Indonesia’”.
I then follow the story, develop strategies,
hear, feel, until I find out…
Anang Saptoto, Taipei, July 2016

For me...
residency in Taipei means more than creating art. Knowing the society,
meeting people, sharing, understanding, negotiating, cooperate,
and live. Art helps me to realize these things”

Anang Saptoto, Taipei, June 2016

About Anang Saptoto
b. 1982, Yogyakarta. Graduated from Akademi Desain Visi Yogyakarta (Visual Communication/ 2000-2005) and Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (Television/ 2002-2009).
Anang as been experimenting with an approach called anamorphic imaging also known as perspective projection since 3 years ago.And also he is especially keen on working with images from the past preferably with historical background that people can relate to.Working with images from the past and archives is a strategic decision. It mainly serves to the artist’s intention to create an exaggerated viewing experience of image or documentation. Like history itself is naturally distorted and at the same time enhanced, depending on one’s way of looking.
Active member of MES 56 and has had internships with Greenmapper Jogja, as well as working as video, photography, and design facilitator for NGO.
Initiated several projects such as Bukuku Buku Tulisku, Space Magz, POOP Together We Found, and Video Report Jogja.Opened MINIMI Studio in 2009 mainly producing visualizations: printed materials, 3D models and video.

Alexis Mailles
born in 1978
Using digital and analog techniques, he produces hybrid installations that border the frontiers of Arte Povera and cyberpunk styles. With an offbeat use of video, sound, space, and interaction, he offers a critical, absurd, and amusing look at our technological society.
organizer:instant42OCACMES 56
open hours7/8-10 pm2:00-9:00
7/11-12 Pm 6:00-9:00
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